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World of Skills

Develop the "global" you !

World of Skills programme
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World of Skills programme

Do you want to...

                    ...gain international experience ? 

                    ...develop your professional skills ?

Our World of Skills programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of graduates who wish to develop their language and vocational skills productively on the continent.

Through this Programme, Placementmaker Ltd. is specialized in finding EU grant-supported work opportunities for new and experienced UK graduates looking for internships in Europe.


"Graduates need to demonstrate that they can 'hit the ground running'. 

Students should obtain relevant work experience."

Association of Graduate Recruiters (UK)


Our main purpose

This programme is a means to promote the integration of motivated and educated young professionals into the labour market, to boost European mobility, in addition to cultural and commercial understanding. It provides a reliable and inexpensive alternative to traditional methods of recruitment, as well as builds lasting and trusted partnerships with companies and organisations across Europe. 

What we offer

  • Placements in Spain, Italy, France or Germany
  • Positions for graduates from all field of study
  • 4 to 6 month internships
  • Typical allowances €1000/month
  • High quality international Host companies
  • Opportunity to increase your employability and to enhance your language skills
  • FREE OF CHARGE for the participants !

We have a contract with the European Commission to provide internships in Europe. Thus, successful programme applicants receive a tax-free monthly allowance, paid through the programme, in order to cover accommodation, travel and other living expenses. Participants can expect to receive approximately €1000 per month, 80% during & 20% at internship end, depending on destination within Europe (typically Spain, France, Italy and Germany).

Additional Information

You must be legally resident in the UK to qualify for this program. If you are a non-British resident you may be interested in one of our other supported programs.

If a Visa is required for you to work in the Host country then you should have proof that you have such a Visa before applying for this programme.

The funds cannot be used to support a National of the host company's country.

How to apply?

If you are interested in our programme, please send us your CV, either on our reed advertisement or by email.

Apply directly:

Apply by email:  

Pre-placement Support                    

The programme also offers pre-placement support on request. We can provide you with advice, practical information and what you need to know about being in a foreign country. We also have language training if you want to learn the language of the host country, so that you can quickly integrate!

For further information, please visit our website at: